Introduction of Animal Breeding

The Directorate of Animal Breeding came in to being in 1995-96 after up gradation of project “Artificial Insemination Services in Sindh” which was launched in 1975-76 for five years & revised for 3 years up to 1983-84 After that the Semen Bank located at Hyderabad was converted in to Semen Production Unit & shifted to Karachi with the aim to maintain good quality of stud Bulls at Semen Production Unit Karachi and to produce & supply the Semen at field level in Sindh to meet the requirement of Artificial Insemination Services throughout the Province & 13 main Artificial Insemination centers in the existing districts of that time were established to develop modern Artificial Insemination technique services system. The Project was transferred to Non –Development side during 1983-84.

The Directorate tries its best for strengthening its self & its field units & also of up grading the activities just from the establishment.

At first in the early stage of the Directorate Livestock Breeding Services set up was in 13 districts & then it was followed by Establishment of A.I Units in 10 newly created districts & at present the Directorate Providing the Livestock Breeding services throughout the Province, to facilitate the Livestock breeders / farmers with the modern technology of Animal Breeding i-e Artificial Insemination at their door steps.

At present this Directorate providing the Livestock Breeding Services in the Province through 23 District A.I Centers ,64 A.I Sub Centers & 51 field A.I Centers. Beside that there are two S.P.U one at Korangi Karachi for Production of Enzootic & Exotic Semen doses & other at Rohri for Production of Kundhi Buffaloes Semen Doses , the Semen Doses from both Semen Production Unit are distributed regularly to Field Artificial Insemination Units to meet the requirements of Artificial Insemination.

The Directorate focused in direction & execution by delivering programs that offers the diverse need of farming community to provide the opportunities for improving Livestock Breeding services in areas compassing the recent technologies of Livestock breeding for improving genetic Potential & scientific Livestock farming to obtain dynamic progress from rural sociology to Livestock business & marketing.



To lead the change through outstanding achievements in Livestock Breeding by innovation & Community Service with a clear focus on programs of significance to genetic improvement & Livestock development.



Human resource development to evolve strategies for sustainable development of Livestock breeding sector leading to poverty elevation through Improvement in genetic Potential of Animals by introducing modern technologies of Livestock Breeding for enhancement of per animal production in shape of Milk & Meat.