The present Directorate of Poultry Production & Research Sindh, Karachi was established as Poultry Research Institute in the year 1970-71, with the help of UNDP/ FAO and transferred in to non-development 1980-81 has completed the forty three (43) years.

The main functions of this organization are Research, Training, Consultancy at free of cost, Diseases Diagnosis, Feed Analysis, Development and Extension pertaining to Poultry Production & Research. The five technical divisions of this Directorate are fully capable of dealing with all matters pertaining to various disciplines of Poultry Production & Research.

The approximately population of rural poultry in Sindh 14.879 million, Commercial Broiler 23.719 million and Commercial Layer 8.786 million.


Aims & Objectives

To investigate the suitability of local feed stuff.
To investigate the diseases, feed deficiency, other health problems and solutions.
Design and test various equipments for poultry housing.
To investigate devises / method of incubation and hatching.
Compare the performance of local and exotic poultry breeds.
Maintain experimental flocks for demonstration of the management ethics.
Trainings for poultry farmers, students in various poultry fields.
Research on different aspects of poultry husbandry techniques to improve the productivity.
To provide free consultancy to rural poultry farmers / commercial farmers.
To collect the samples throughout Sindh regarding pre-cautionary measures to avoid any outbreak/ mishap.
To give advices to the farmers regarding Modern Poultry Farming.
To arrange the Mass Vaccination Programs throughout Sindh for Rural Poultry against Newcastle Diseases.


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