Personal Profile of Dr. Aslam Pervez Umrani (Director CVDL)

1 Name Aslam Pervez Umrani
2 Fathers Name Allah Bachayo
3 Marital Status Married
4 Date Of Birth 10-03-1957
5 Place Of Birth hyderabad
6 Domicle hyderabad
7 Nationality Pakistani
8 CNIC No 41306-45454545-1
9 Passport Number AR2220871
10 Office Address CVDI, Sindh, Tando Jam
11 Residential Address B30, Had Qasimabad Phase-1,Hyderabad
12 Qualification PhD, Aberdeen University U.K. in 1998 in Sustainable Farming
    M.Sc From Aberdeen University U.K. in 1992 Animal Production
    DVM SAU Tando Jam in 1982
13 Service Record Veterinary Officer 1982-1987
    Assistant Director 1987-2005
    Deputy Director Operation (SLSP) 2005-2008
14 Publications 15


Introduction (CVDL Tando jam)

The Livestock sector provides job opportunities, especially in rural areas, it contributes to the protein content of the national diet, it boosts farmer’s income and strengthens the economy through the export of livestock and its various by products. Heavy losses, however, have hampered the development of the sector.

These losses are mainly due to high mortality rate from a variety of diseases. The gravity of situation was recognized for sometime in 1974, responding a request from government of Sindh, a World Bank/ FAO mission conducted a survey of livestock sector and identified the high mortality, particularly in buffaloes and cattle caused by diseases including some of obscure origin- as the major constraint on the development of the industry, and stressed the need for a reliable, accurate and prompt diagnostic facility that would serve the livestock sector and make it possible to plan strategies for the control and eradication of such disease.


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