The Directorate of Fisheries Sindh (Marine) established in December 2008. Its office is established in block 50, Pakistan Secretariat Saddar Karachi.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Ansari was posted as 1st Director.

There are three sections in this Directorate

(1) Establishment section

(2) Accounts Section

(3) Planning & Development Section


Establishment Section

Establishment Section deals work related to Administration i.e. transfer & posting , court cases, replies of assembly questions, Direction of president/ PM/ CM/ CS/ Ministers , Foreign & Local Trainings , update files and other Admin matters. The Head of the Section is ADF (Admin) & other Staff is O/S, Assistant, Junior Clerk & Dispatchers.


Accounts Section

Accounts section of this Directorate deals with Accounts & Budget matters, Prepare, Submit pay bills & contingent bills & passed from Account General Sindh. Prepare annual Budget & SNE of the Directorate. The Head of this Section is Assistant Director Fisheries / D.D.O & other Staff is Accountant & Computer Operator.


Planning & Development

This Section deals A.D.P, Operation & Maintain Development , Scheme , Technical issues of the Directorate Campaign License/ Renewal License to trawlers / boats , fish meal factories & fish processing Plants fishing units, Enforcement of Fisheries ordinance / Acts& Rules in Marine/ Coastal waters, Registration of fisheries, fish trawlers/ boats operating in territorial waters (Marine & Coastal Waters) the head of this section is ADF (Admin)/ P&D. Assistant Warden Fisheries , Fisheries Head Watcher, Fisheries Watcher, Launch Operators & Crew Cleaners are working under Supervision


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